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Consulting & Training

Consulting Consulting

Bob's in-depth, one-on-one consultation service with you, your managers, or your HR department will improve your company and make you more money!
Welcome to The Fusion Factor approach to Organizational Excellence! Through Bob's personal consultations he will develop a specific plan for your business to get the most out of your employees and the most out of your company.
A veteran HR executive, Bob Kustka has helped companies large and small re-organize whole divisions and individual functions. Bob can help you develop a strategy that fuses your people with your business model. By making a couple simple changes, he will show you how to align your structure to get the best output from your workforce.
Bob will help your organization achieve peak performance!
By conducting organizational assessments, developing employee measurement and performance management tools, and by creating productivity enhancing programs, he will show you how to get the best return on your most important investment — your employees.
Your employees determine the success of your company. Technology, equipment, and systems improvements have greatly increased companies' productivity. However, these new gadgets mean little without a great team to use them. Your biggest investment should be in your workforce, because having an all-star set of employees can be the best way to improve your bottom line. Bob will show you how to improve this investment!
Bob will design you a Workforce Strategy

  • You have a strategy for your business, but do you have a strategy for your people? With employee salaries and benefits constituting your biggest cost and your most important investment, how can you afford to not have a plan?

  • Your organization is growing rapidly. Is it aligned for maximum effectiveness? Do you have enough people? Too many? The right amount? Bob will ensure your company keeps moving forward and running smoothly!

  • Do your employees know and understand your company's mission? Do they apply it in their work everyday? Bob will show you how to let your staff embrace your goals. Your workforce will be more engaged if they have a vested interest in the company's future!

Bob will show you how to make your workforce more Productive

  • Are your employees giving you 100% of their effort? Do you even know? Are you measuring performances? Do you have the right measurement tools? Bob will show you how to evaluate employee performance to ensure you are not wasting money on workers who are only giving 75%.

  • Are your employees overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it? Can they manage the tsunami of information in today's workplace? Bob will show you how to monitor employee workloads, divide tasks evenly, and advise on the occasional value of outsourcing.

Bob will help you help your employees Develop their skills

  • Your employees are a strategic asset. Are you investing in their development? Do your people have the skills they need to do their jobs and will they be ready to take on more?

  • As your business grows, will your workforce have the new skills necessary?

Bring in Bob to help educate your workers and improve your company!


Training The Fusion Factor approach to Employee Development!
You invest in the resources you need to run your business profitably. You maintain your equipment, monitor your investments, and make sure that you have the systems in place to manage your company. But do you have a secure investment in your employees, the people who help you grow your business?
The Fusion Factor approach makes sure that you infuse your workforce with the right skills, keeping everyone working at maximum efficiency. Through personalized training sessions, The Fusion Factor training program takes the time to understand your business and develop a strategy to prepare you and your employees for tomorrow. Whether your employees need training in new technologies, need to learn how to be more efficient, or need to learn how to work better as a team, The Fusion Factor can help.
Bring in The Fusion Factor Training Program and help transform your employees into the best workforce in your industry!
The Fusion Factor offers training services in the following areas:

  • Excellence in Service - for Internal and External Customers
  • Right Here Right Now!
  • Targeted Selection - Behavioral Interviewing
  • Performance Management
  • Creating a Respectful Workplace
  • Coaching for High Performance
  • Delegation Skills
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Thinking
  • High Performance Teams

Depending on your company's specific needs, The Fusion Factor can also design a program tailored just for you.
Sure, you may have all-star employees, but by keeping their skills razor-sharp, you will continue to move ahead of the competition!

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