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Right Here Right Now
Focus on Getting the Right Things Done

Are you overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it?
Does each day have too many emails, too much paperwork, too many voicemails, too many meetings, and too many interruptions?
Do you wonder how you can focus on the most important priorities?
Are you looking for a better way to handle it all?
Find out how to get organized at work, get more of the right things done, and carve out time to do more of what you really want to do.
The Right Here Right Now program will allow you to gain better control of your work and:

  • Understand why you don't get things done.
  • Focus on what adds value.
  • Manage information overload.
  • Make technology work for you.
  • End procrastination and its repercussions.
  • Leave work at work, and enjoy your life away from the office.

As a result of attending this program, you will:

  • Learn how to recognize your less efficient behaviors and understand the impact they have on your productivity.
  • Learn tips and techniques for managing both a paper-based and an electronic work flow.
  • Make priority decisions using a work flow process model.
  • Most importantly, you will learn how to tackle your tasks Right Here Right Now!

It's not about time management! It's about how you manage yourself.
Right Here Right Now is a two-day coaching, training, and personal assessment program conducted at your worksite. We utilize both pre- and post-survey tools to provide you with quantitative data on productivity improvement within your organization.
The two days of sessions are conducted approximately 30 days apart to allow participants time to begin to implement the techniques learned in the program. The techniques for electronic-based systems learned in day two mirror those from day one. The individual coaching approach used in Right Here Right Now provides participants with an opportunity to identify those behaviors and work processes that most affect them and develop immediate plans to improve productivity.
In order to maximize the program, we encourage participants to block out each whole day in their calendars. This will best allow you to apply the new techniques, and gain new levels of productivity.

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