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Planning Tomorrows Workforce Today
Planning Tomorrow's Workforce Today
Unlock the capacity of your human capital in the second installment of Bob Kustka's KFactors: Unlocking the Capacity of Your Human Capital eReport series. Informative and proactive in its message, this 17 page eReport addresses issues of planning, preparation, and strategy to maximize the output of an increasingly diverse workforce. Bob offers practical guidance on the formulation of a staffing strategy, explores vulnerabilities that may arise, and presents proven methods to address a variety of issues before they cause a crisis. Bob also tackles the issue of generational gaps and ever-changing social norms, and their relation to the specific job, customer, and ultimately, the bottom line.
Price: $14.95

The Door Swings Both Ways eBook
The Door Swings Both Ways
Learn how to effectively communicate with your employees with The Door Swings Both Ways: Talking to Your Employees for Better Results, the third installment Bob Kustka's KFactors: Unlocking the Capacity of Your Human Capital eReport series. This 21-page eReport tackles the issue of employee communication head on, broaching such difficult subjects as how to communicate difficult messages to employees and how to make sure everyone at all levels of an organization is kept informed of the latest company news. Bob offers simple, easy-to-follow solutions to these issues, and shows companies how to answer those critical employee questions, "Why should I join?" and "Why should I stay?" Improving employee communications is one of the most cost effective ways for better business performance.
Price: $14.95

Building Competency eBook
Building Competency For A Profitable Workforce
The first in the KFactors: Unlocking the Capacity of Your Human Capital eReport series, this insightful guide provides the roadmap to selecting, managing, and planning for your human capital. Drawing from his extensive experience in the HR/management arena, Bob Kustka offers proven strategies to identify the knowledge, skills, and attributes that breed future success and high performance. In this 16 page downloadable eReport, you'll find clear methods for interviewing and hiring future stars, assessing performance, and promoting from within your own company. You'll also find valuable information on building competency models to serve as the framework to increase the overall productivity of your workforce.
Price: $14.95

49 Marketing Secrets
49 Marketing Secrets (That Work) To Grow Sales
Dozens of America's most successful business owners, marketing experts, sales gurus, and other professionals have collaborated to bring you this unique 298 page book overflowing with practical tips sure to give your business the marketing boost it needs to become profitable.
Bob Kustka's contribution discusses outsourcing certain aspects of your business when it's more cost-effective and sensible than performing them in-house. He addresses ways to assess services, select providers, and measure their performance. By maximizing your most important resources, you'll be more likely to expedite your businesses growth.
Price: $19.95

PDF eBook
Price: $14.95

The Fusion Factor Return Policy
The Fusion Factor wants you to be pleased with your order. If within 15 days of delivery, you are not satisfied with your order, please contact us at or (781) 871-7700 and we will arrange for a refund.


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Bob Kustka's catalogue of products will show you how to get your company moving in the right direction to improve productivity, decrease overhead, and raise profits. His products serve as practical guides that will enable you to develop a business plan that will make the most of your people assets and create the infrastructure necessary for your company to run at peak efficiency!

Bob Kustka

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