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Don't Show them the Door...

...Show them the Way!

  • Your staff is complaining about all the emails they have to sort through, all the meetings they need to attend, and the shortage of time to accomplish their tasks. How can you help them?
  • Your technical people are at war with the marketing team.
  • You are growing and you are hiring like crazy…but you don't think that you are getting the best people.
  • Your Board of Directors thinks your head count is too high in relation to your gross revenue.
  • You've just lost your Director of Sales…and you don't have a succession plan.
  • You are paying your people well…but you are not sure you are getting your money's worth.
  • It's taking you too long to get those new hires up to speed…and then they leave.

There are two equally important components to running and maintaining a successful business: a great business model and a highly effective workforce. When either component falls short, the business will suffer, and the management team will be on the verge of an organizational meltdown. Bob Kustka fuses your business model with effective workforce planning strategies to transform your company into a profit-generating machine.

Bring in Bob today!

Bob Kustka's Fusion Factor will show you how to get your company moving in the right direction to improve productivity, decrease overhead, and raise profits. Bob delivers eye-opening workshops and keynote presentations that will enable you to develop a business plan that will make the most of your people assets and create the infrastructure necessary for your company to run at peak efficiency!

Bob Kustka

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